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If you’ve been noticing some trouble breathing lately, there’s a chance that the problem may be environmental, and not entirely medical. The reason we say that is because poor indoor air quality is incredibly common. Poor air quality can cause coughing, sore throat, watery eyes, shortness of breath, and even more. Poor air quality can be identified by low circulation, or a stale or stuffy feeling.

If you feel that the air quality in your home or business could be improved, there are plenty of ways to address it. First, though, you need to identify potential culprits. Is the air conditioning system clean, including all filters? Is there any standing water, or mold? Are there pets in the home? Are heating systems well-ventilated? These are some very common sources for irritants or other contributors to poor indoor air quality, and are relatively simple to address. The first step, though, is to identify the problem.

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