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What is your favorite season? In the northeast, the answer to that question is typically “autumn” – probably because shoveling snow is an incredibly arduous task. However, autumn brings with it its’ own arduous task – raking the leaves! If you’re not a leaf-raking fanatic, what can you do to make this task a bit easier?

Well, apart from removing every single tree on your property and the neighbor’s, you might consider using motorized equipment to take care of those pesky leaves. An easy leap is using a leafblower to harness the power of the wind to make light work of them, but you might also try the opposite – using a bagging attachment on your lawnmower to suck up all the leaves for easy disposal. Another option is mulching the leaves – it’s been shown that certain types of trees have leaves that will actually introduce nitrogen into the soil of your lawn, preventing weed growth in the spring.

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