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If you own a grill, we hope that you’ve had the opportunity to use it a lot this summer. Especially here in the northeast, it’s important to take advantage of the grilling season while it lasts. 

Like most things, though, grilling can pose a potential safety hazard to yourself or your property. While you’re using the grill, be sure that there is plenty of space around your grill. There are hazards like carbon monoxide inhalation and radiant heat or smoke damage that can come up if you’re operating in cramped spaces. Of course, it’s probably fine to store your grill in a confined space when it’s not in use, but be sure to give it ample time to cool off before putting it away.

Finally, especially if you own a gas grill, be sure to check the connections, hoses, and other parts inside and outside of the grill to ensure there are no leaks, cracks, or other damage. Keeping your grill in good condition is an important way to get the most out of it.

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